Unknown Infernos
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How donating helps us
We live on donations. Without you supporting us UIG wouldn't be around for much longer. Running our servers costs a significant amount of money every month, as we run it off of a high end dedicated host. We also have to pay for developers to continue to enhance the server and make it the best it can be. Over time, even the smallest donations adds up. Please help us keep UIG up and running while in the process getting a few cool in game perks. Thank you!
Gold VIP
What you get
  • Pointshop Points
  • Ruby Turret x 2
  • 5 More Printers Available to Buy
  • More ULX Commands
  • Increased Jumping
  • +50 to Prop Limit
  • +50 Max Health
  • Wiremod!
Price: £10
Duration: Forever*
Custom Amount
  • Donating a custom amount is purely just to support Unknown Infernos. However, if you donate more than 10 pound you will get the usual Gold VIP package!
Price: Any
Duration: Forever*
*Although the duration says forever this may be subject to chanage and if that is the case you are not entitled to a refund if you are unhappy with these changes.

Please note, receiveing your rank after you donate may take up to 48 hours; adding your SteamID to the note box on the Paypal page will speed up the process.