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Beginners Guide
To start in Base-wars you’ll first have to make a base, if you’re new to Garrys Mod this means using the tool you start with the “Physics gun” the physics gun can be used to pick up rotate and freeze props into position, but first, you must get a prop. To do this you must hold in the letter “Q” on your keyboard which will bring up the props list. Whilst holding in “Q” you must click on a prop which will have a picture to show what it is. (DO NOT spawn any prop which can be considered “Lag causing” or “Too big” which is against our server rules.) Once you have a made a base you can now spawn in “Money Printers” these entities will print out money for you to make you rich slowly. You will probably start off on a bronze printer which will not make you raidable but will get you started on making money. To power any of your items you must spawn a generator from the same place as where you buy your printers. In the “Q” menu in the “Base-wars store” the generator must be in the general area of the entities you want powered by it. If you buy a “Silver Printer” or above you will become raidable therefore you must be prepared to defend yourself with weapons which with be “Counter Strike: Source” basic weapons, these can be found in the “Base-wars store”. And some final advice for those who are new. Buddy up with people who are not new, they can help you a lot.) Also make sure you read all of the server rules before you play, this can avoid you from being banned or kicked, it would be a shame to ban a new person because they forgot to read the rules.
1. RDM (Random Death Match)
  1. RDM (Random Deathmatch) is killing someone outside of a raid for no reason.
  2. No-one can RDM.
  3. Revenge RDM is not allowed.(If you do revenge RDM resulting in server-wide RDM you can be severely punished.)
  4. If someone attempts to RDM you, inform a Moderator or Admin of the person's name.
  5. If you enter someone's base who does not have KOS lines, They still have full rights to kill you and this is not classed as an RDM.
2. Basing
  1. You must build a base for it to be a base. You can't just call somewhere your base and put raidables in it to raid other people. Make something out of the space you have claimed.
  2. KOS lines are not required, if it looks like a base then it probably is, Be smart about it, as mentioned before if you enter a base even without KOS they can still kill you.(You must have a Text Screen to mark an area without props blocking it or even just outside the props.)
  3. You are not allowed to base on top of buildings, in really hard to reach places or on the street. If an admin tells you to stop basing somewhere then do it or your entities will be removed.
  4. When basing with friends, you must ally and buddy each other so you can use buttons and turrets don't attack.
  5. To use a larger section of the map you must have at least 4 people in your group.
  6. You are only allowed to have one base at any time.
  7. You are allowed to kill people if they are standing outside of your base for a prolonged amount of time. It is called loitering.(Under no circumstances are your turrets to fire outside of your KOS zone, this can be classed as public turrets.)
  8. If you are basing in a teleport base or if you have global printers then you are instantly raidable and people do not need to scan you!
  9. If you are basing in a teleport base you still need to have raidables to raid other bases.
  10. An admin has full rights to stop a raid in order to deal with admin situations. (In-compliance can result in ban)
  11. A base cannot just be one prop in a house, you must fully block off the entrances and have printers or other entities inside.
3. Printers
  1. You cannot be raided with a bronze printer.(This is classed as an illegal raid and can be punishable by ban)
  2. If you have higher than Bronze you are raidable.
  3. If you have a Nova printer or a Nuclear printer, You are instantly raidable.(These are commonly referred to as “Global” printers.)
  4. You can upgrade printers by using /upgrade in the chat bar.
  5. The upgrade price raises each time you upgrade a printer.
  6. It is a bannable offence to make a public printer, this ruins the economy of the game and everyone else's fun.
  7. You are not allowed to spawn in a printer for someone to destroy to obtain money from destroying it.
4. Raiding
  1. Raids only last 10 minutes.(Then a 10-minute grace period for repairs starts.)
  2. To raid, you must be raidable yourself (see printers).
  3. You are not allowed to use the physics gun on C4, when you place it, leave it.(Same with global printers if they’re not yours.)
  4. The person you are raiding must be raidable. (Silver printer and above.)
  5. You can scan someone to see if they are raidable by buying a radar tower from the basewars store and pressing F3 to open the scan menu. Alternatively you can type "/scan [name]" into the chat instead of using the scan menu.
  6. Only 1 team can raid at a time, anyone else will be interfering the raid and will be killed on sight by Admin, or even possibly banned.(This means in two different gangs can’t raid one base.)
  7. Only 1 big bomb can be used at a time, as soon as this is defused the raid is over no matter how long you have been raiding for.
  8. If the people being raided have a Nova or Nuclear, you don't need to scan, or if you can clearly see that they have a raidable base (see list of raidable items at end).
  9. You are raidable if you have a Gun factory and/or a Drug lab.
  10. If you are being raided or if you are raiding you are not allowed to spawn props or buy any base structures. This includes spawnpoints. and turrets and all other entities. (You cannot build during a raid whether you’re offending or defending.)
5. Props
  1. No prop blocking (Blocking areas off with props for no apparent reason.)
  2. No prop killing.
  3. No prop surfing (using props to fly around the map).
  4. No using props to reach rooftops or unreachable places (This means no prop climbing or surfing as stated in the previous rule.)
6. Voice Communication
  1. English voice chat only.
  2. No mic spamming, this includes shouting, repeating things constantly and playing music.
7. Applying for mod
  1. If you want to apply for moderator, go to our website; www.unknowninfernos.com. Do not ask an owner for Mod because you will be declined on the spot.
  2. After applying, do not keep asking about your application, this will result in an instant decline.
  3. If you get Mod you will be reaquired to have Teamspeak and be on whilst on the server, Teamspeak address is ts.unknowninfernos.com.
  4. Under special circumstances an owner may just promote someone to trial if we think you would be good to the server.(This would depend on the success of the application and if we feel you’re right for our staff community.)
  5. We would also prefer those who are willing to be loyal to the community.
8. Physics Gun
  1. Under no circumstances should you have to use a physics gun on C4, if you are seen doing this you will be jailed, The same applies with global printers as it is set that anyone can move them. You are only to move them if you have permission of the owner of the printer or is they are yours.
9. Rule Breaking
  1. If you break the rules, depending on the severity of the rule you may be Jailed, kicked or banned.
  2. If a Moderator or higher informs people on the server of a rule change then this has been approved by all leaders (Amplihfy, Drummss and Jack) and they must be followed, failing to do so will result in one of the previously mentiond punishments.
  3. Anyone caught illegally gaining money (hacks, glitches etc) will be instantly permanently banned.
  4. Anyone caught hacking or using glitches to their advantages and not reporting thwm will be banned.
  5. Anyone using an aimbot will be instantly banned.
  6. If anyone is breaking the rules please use the “@” tool to tell an admin. (An example of this being “@ I am being RDM’d at spawn! By “Name Of Player” “)
  7. At no point are you to disrespect any member of staff on the server; however, if you do believe an admin is “Abusing” legitimately, contact the Owners or Recon. (If you chose to disrespect admins in any way prepare your anus.)
10. Glitches
  1. We ask that if you discover any glitches at all, please report it to the owner through our forums page. http://www.unknowninfernos.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=18 (This is the link)
11. Refunds
  1. Refunds will only be givin if an admin see's fit. This means at no point are you entitled to a refund. If an admins decides that they do want to refund you, they are only allowed to refund up to a max of 500k.
  2. If the money is reset on the server, this was most likely done on purpose therefore refunds will not be given.
  3. If the server is shutdown/lags out/crashes this does not entitle you to a refund, therefore refunds will not be given.
12. Advertising
  1. At no point will any other server be allowed to come in and advertise their own server or ask people on our server to join another server, if this happens then the person/persons involved can be permanently banned without warning.
13. Donations
  1. If you donate it does not make you invinsible to the rules.
  2. If you donate and decide you don't like what you got or the server shuts down you will NOT be refunded. It's a donation not a purchase. (This is why they are referred to as “Donation Perks”.) (Donations can be handled by an Owner or Reconnected.)
14. Owners
  1. Owners are allowed to break all of the rules. If you take this in a bad way then shame on you. The server was created by them for you to play on so sometimes the owners like to mess about as passtime sometimes because running a server can be high maintenance, so please. Give them some slack. It's not like them having a mess about is ruining your life so loosen up.(This is not at all saying that the owners will constantly RDM and break the rules but if they decide to sometimes just play along and make some fun out of it.)
Last but not Least
This is a fun server, we have rules in place to stop people ruining everyone else’s fun, believe us when we say we hate it when we join a game and are insta killed, we hope to change all that and to provide a good gaming experience not only for the users of our server but also for ourselves, the rules are all completely reinforced by every mod and higher, if you do not agree to the rules then speak to an owner, just don’t go ruining everyone else’s fun just because you are upset about something. (If you feel like a member of staff is bullying you or rule-breaking themselves do not be afraid to come to an Owner, Captain Ryan, or Reconnected.)